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Getting the most out of your Wax Melts

  • Store Wax Melts in packaging and away from direct sunlight/sources of heat.

  • Use 1-4 hour Tea Lights to achieve the right heat to melt your Wax Melts. Using larger Tea Lights can cause damage to your wax melter and also shorten the life span of your Wax Melts.

  • Use as many Wax Melts as you desire (up to the capacity of your melter/warmer) to adequately fill your room with the desired amount of fragrance required. However, we recommend starting with 1 Wax Melt and increasing/decreasing based on your fragrance requirements.

  • Cover cooled, melted wax when not in use to stop dust and debris from causing contamination.

  • Re-use wax until no more scent is released when burning.

  • Soy wax, Wax Melts work best with Tea Lights because of the temperature required to melt the wax. Wax Melts can be used with electric warmers but this will affect fragrance performance.



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