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elevò: {to raise – lighten - lift up - elevate}


elevò home was born during (what had become a frequent) visit to the local home store to buy Candles. During every visit, every Candle would be judged on both its fragrance and also its look/design/branding. It became increasingly difficult to find Candles that looked and smelled great but were still affordable. 


What we didn’t know is that most scented Candles contain paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil which when burnt, releases toxic compounds into the air, which are bad for your health and bad for the environment.


As new parents to a bouncing baby boy who love to light Candles in their home, this was a concerning revelation.


The desire to have candles that looked at home in a sleek, contemporary and minimalistic space, smelled great and burned clean at a family friendly price point led to many disappointing visits to different stores until we had the idea to make our own.


Using 100% clean burning, non-toxic and vegan Soy Wax we embarked on the journey of making our own Candles experimenting with fragrances that engaged the senses, focused the mind, relaxed the body and refreshed the soul. 

The result of this is:


The Classic Collection, which is our premium line of 320g Soy Wax Candles housed in our unique, transparent glass jars with cork ball lids and The Amber Collection, which is comprised of 160g Soy Wax Candles, 120g worth of Soy Wax Wax Melts and 100ml Room Sprays.


elevò home products have the power to transform a space. Our fragrances evoke emotions, memories and in moments, can change the atmosphere and ambiance in a room, engaging our senses in new ways that elevate and lift the atmosphere in your environment.


elevò home – Elevate Your Space.




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