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elevò home is a West Midlands based family run business by wife and husband team, Monique and Matt Brookselevò home will Elevate Your Space with our range of Candles, Wax Melts and Room Sprays.


As a newly wed couple and new parents, we were keen to increase the quality of the products we were using at home, from food, to skin care and eventually home fragrance products. Having a child will make you think twice about what you are putting in and on your child but for us it didn’t stop there. A little research into the Candles we were buying opened our eyes to the fact that the Candles we were buying aren't good for the environment, but also aren't good for our son or any of us.


Just like that, ELEVO HOME LTD, the company was born.


COVID-19 nearly put an end to elevò home before we had even begun, but on 28th November 2021, we launched and started making our first sales and we haven't looked back.

In just a few months we established The Classic Collection and also The Amber Collection, which is home to our Wax Melts and Room Sprays, have launched new fragrances and have more lined up for the near future.

We're a happily married couple based in the Midlands who were inspired to make Candles because of our son and now we're on a mission to create the best products you've ever experienced that will Elevate Your Space.

elevò home - Elevate Your Space.

elevò home is a trading name of ELEVO HOME LTD.





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