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“5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make Great Christmas Gifts: My Take On Thoughtful Giving”

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

elevò home Gift Card

Christmas seems to get earlier every year. It obviously doesn’t but it always seems to catch me by surprise. Christmas can be chaotic (to say the least) and finding the perfect gift can be so difficult and if we’re honest, can be time consuming too. Gift Cards offer the convenience of a thoughtful gift without the time-consuming process of selecting, wrapping, and exchanging items.

Personally, I love Gift Cards. My family will often give me Gift Cards as they know I can be particular at times (sorry mum, lol) but that I also love the experience of still going shopping. We’ve all been there before where we’ve received a gift (or even given one) and quickly realised that the giver didn’t know us as well as we thought.

The common saying is that “It’s the thought that counts!” I agree with this statement. Now that we’re being thoughtful, I’m going to share 5 reasons why Gift Cards make great Christmas gifts.

1. Freedom Of Choice

Sometimes we know exactly what to get for someone. That’s a great feeling! Other times we are absolutely clueless. What I like about gifting Gift Cards is that you can show someone that you’ve been thoughtful by choosing a brand/store that you know they like but have also given them the freedom of choice to choose the actual gift. It’s a way of acknowledging someone’s taste whilst giving them the power to choose something that will make them happy.

2. Calm In The Chaos

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be overwhelming. Even those of us who have been doing it for years can still get stressed out. I know I do. For me, Gift Cards present me the opportunity to (as my husband Matt says) “keep it simple babe.” I don’t have to spend hours standing in long lines or scratching my head while standing in an aisle of a shop (which Matt really doesn’t like lol). Gift Cards present me with the opportunity to make a thoughtful gesture that is 99% certain to be a hit.

3. When Your Memory Fails You

Life can be hectic at the best of times and for me as a wife, mum and business owner there’s always something that gets forgotten; whether it’s my son’s favourite snack from the supermarket or the kitchen gadget Matt asked me to pick up.

Nothing prepares you for that moment when you realise that it’s Christmas Eve, all of the shops have shut early and Amazon can no longer deliver on the next day but you forgot to get someone special a gift. Gift Cards (especially digital ones) are a great way of still giving a great, meaningful and thoughtful gift when your memory has failed you.

4. Budget

Christmas is different to any other kind of gift giving because for most of us, it’s the one time in the year where we buy gifts for multiple people at the same time. Gift Cards help me navigate my way through purchasing gifts for the special people in my life whilst still staying on budget. By selecting a specific amount for a Gift Card, I find it so much easier to control my expenditure while ensuring that I still give a good gift.

5. Support A Small Business

Buying a Gift Card from a small business is a great way to support that business while also giving a gift to someone you love. You could say it’s two for the price of one.

Buying a Gift Card from a small business is more than a simple transaction; it's a tangible act of support and empowerment. Small businesses thrive on the faithful support of loyal customers like you. By purchasing a Gift Card, you're also giving your recommendation of the business encouraging others to discover the unique products or services the business has to offer.

Gift Cards stand out as versatile and considerate Christmas gifts, offering the perfect balance of thoughtful and and convenient. The flexibility Gift Cards allows those who receive them to make choices based on their individual preferences, making them a timeless and well-received gift choice.

This Christmas, give the gift of an elevò home Gift Card to the special people in your life. Give them the gift of choice and Elevate Their Space with their choice of fragranced products from the elevò home shop.

Lots of love,

Monique x




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