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Introducing elevò home Wax Melts

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Elevate Your Space with our latest addition to the elevò home product line… Wax Melts.

Discover our four introductory fragrances (also used in our candles) in the form of beautiful semi-sphere Wax Melts, hand poured using 100% clean-burning, non-toxic soy wax.

Each Wax Melt is approx 12g and will release a strong, room filling fragrance for 10-12 hours (dependant on the size of your wax melter/burner/tea light). Our Wax Melts will come in packages of ten, meaning that you will get 120g worth of Wax Melts that will release a strong fragrance for 100-120 hours.

Our fragrances are:

  • Tropical Sunrise

  • Rustic Spice

  • Cotton Breeze

  • Mellow Nights

Our Wax Melts make the perfect introduction to our fragrances and also make amazing gifts for the fragrance lovers in your life.

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