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New Products For Spring

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

elevò home family; we’ve soft launched 4 of our new Spring fragrances and made them available for you to purchase.

If floral/botanical fragrances are your thing, you will love, Spring Showers, Lavender Blossom, White Lily, and Citrus Garden.

Spring Showers has top notes of Lemon, Citrus, Spice and Apple, heart notes of Lemon, Melon and Tuberose, resting on a base of Orange and Ylang Ylang. This fresh, sweet fragrance will Elevate Your Space.

Lavender Blossom is a fusion of Lavender and the Bitter Orange of the Evergreen Neroli to create a refreshing and distinctive Spicy aroma with Sweet, Floral notes which combine with calming Herbs to create an atmosphere for relaxation which will Elevate Your Space.

White Lily will transport you from wherever you are to the North American mountain valleys, while the heart notes of Rose, Geranium and Lilac will whisk you to the river-side, taking in the floral fragrances, which rest on a Musky base which together will Elevate Your Space.